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El Chopo Goozman

Solanola Cartel Jefe


El Chopo Goozman (Jefe) is the notorious leader of the Solanola Cartel and retardio twin brother of El Chapo, the infamous drug trafficker. Forever in his brothers shadow, El Chopo is finally making a name for himself from the rise of Solana. His brother was the biggest drug trafficker and El Chopo wants to now make the family legit. It's not just a cryptocurrency; it's an underdog story, inviting everyone to root for El Chopo as he tunnels his way into the blockchain, seeking a new kind of family fortune.

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100% LP Burned

70% LP

8% Solonala Cartel

7% Marketing & Memes

5% Rubber Bands & Development (R&D)


CA: 9oGtzsX5147JFGMXc9qigLGaJkPUujVQU65fVFKpkMh9

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